Summer Dance Camps

Disney Princess and Dance Till You Drop 

Any idea what you have planned for your child this summer? Well, sign them up for a fun filled Summer Dance camp where they will learn various styles of dance, meet & make new friends, and show off their best moves at a dance performance! We offer 2 great dance camps for ages 3 to 6 (Disney Princess) and ages 7 to 12 (Dance 'till you Drop). Both of these dance camps will train and educate your child in the art of dance and creative movement. More importantly, they will learn a dance in each class and perform all of their routines in a special dance performance showcase at the end of the week for all family and friends to see! For more information and to view our brochures, click on the Summer Dance Camps links below. 

Disney Princess 2017 Summer Dance Camp

Dance Till You Drop Summer Dance Camp 2017

Step it Up!

Have your young one dancing with our very own Ailsa Sirois on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to 10am in July and August to improve their athletic performance! The program will focus on developing muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, while helping dancers understand the importance of physical activiity, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices. For more information, click on the link below:

Step It up! flyer